Adult Hockey Frequently Asked Questions

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CHL Leagues and Prices

$75 Hockey 101 Punch Card (5 classes)

5 punch card to drop in and attend random classes.

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$125 Learn To Play, Hockey 101 Fall 2021

Designed for beginner players or those who want to sharpen their skills. Players meet every Sunday morning for skill training that include:

  • Learning basic skills,
  • Skating
  • Stick and Puck Handling
  • Conditioning
  • Rules of the Game
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$245 CHL Novice League Fall 2021

For those players who are just starting out. Have basic skating and sticking handling skills. Each team has upper league players that helps new players and keeps the game moving at the correct pace for this skill level. will be limited to 26 players and will be served on a first come first serve basis.

  • First 2 periods are 20min
  • 3rd period is 15min
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$245 CHL Intermediate League Fall 2021

For players with experience above novice but don't feel comfortable at the open league level. Registration will be limited to 78 players and will be a first come first serve basis.

  • Decent paced league
  • Players from all age groups
  • Winter Session - End of the Season Playoffs
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$125 CHL Adult Women's Hockey Fall 2021

Starting October 10th through December 19th 2021 No game on November 28th

Games are Friday mornings at 6 am Sign Up

Notice: All Adult Groups are no checking and require current USA Hockey registration.

$245 CHL Advanced League Fall 2021

A fast paced league designed for players with experience and skill. Most players have experience in team play.

  • Fast paced league
  • Higher skilled players
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$200 CHL Advanced Goalies Fall 2021

If there are more goalies than teams there will be a draft by the Advanced captains any anyone not making an advanced team will be placed in the intermediate group. Sign Up

$200 CHL Intermediate and Novice Goalies Fall 2021

If there are more goalies than teams there will be a rotation schedule developed.

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$245 Over 50 Tuesday Night Fall 2021