Bighorn Brew And Café

Are you tired of driving around Helena looking for a quick java, but end up waiting in long lines, for an overpriced cup of coffee, and service that couldn’t care less? Why don’t you try The Bighorn Brew & Cafe? 

We’ll beat the line and get you your beverage in 5 minutes or its free*. The Bighorn Brew features locally roasted Ghost Town Coffee for our assortment of beverages. Mochas, Lattes, Frappes, and Americanos is just a small sample of our specialties. Looking for a meal? We’re happy to serve you a signature breakfast burrito or sandwich to kick-start your day, or help you get over that mid afternoon hump with a delicious lunch. All the while keeping you smiling with an affordable rate and great taste!

Located just inside the Helena Ice Arena, We’re happy to offer you Curbside Pickup, In-store Pickup, as well as Indoor Dining. Can’t Make it out for a cup? Not a Problem! We offer free delivery along highway 12 between 18th Street in Helena and Wylie Drive in East Helena.

Think the other guys do rewards better, Not likely! Using the clover app, you can get rewarded for your purchases; And that doesn’t limit you to just our location, anywhere there’s a clover rewards program, you can get rewarded there as well. In fact, sign up today and receive a dollar off any in-store pick up orders!

Start With Us Today: (406) 594-1746

Prices shown are non-modified/ standard 16 Oz. beverages.

$4 Mocha

$4 White Mocha

$4 Latte

$2.50 Americano

And More...

$4 Frappe

$3 Cappuccino

$4.50 Berry Smoothie

$3 Steamer

$4 Breakfast Burrito / Sandwich